Are you a startup with fantastic idea but lacking technical resources to put your MVP into lines of code?

Or are you running an event and need an app for this, quick and reliable?
Or, may be, you are an established company looking for cost reduction in software development?

We’ve got you covered

We specialize in software, web, and mobile application development, tailored to the needs of our customers. We are equally comfortable in agile and in regulated environment. Our unique Development Center is capable of delivering the result that you demand, from user interface to front-end to back-end and databases. We adopt your stack of technologies – or build product architecture for you, if required.

Thanks to our vast experience in the field, we understand your concerns:

External resources are hard to manage?

You don’t need to. Your point of contact is a dedicated Project Manager that speaks business language

Final cost is unpredictable and creepy?

Concentrate on the quality of your requirements, business wise. We’ll do the technical job. Project timespan will be fixed upfront in Statement of Work, since then and onwards the budget for that scope is rock solid and will not change. Guaranteed.

How can I control quality of deliverable?

The product is deployed for testing as early as technically possible, and then tweaked and tuned to your business real needs. At the end, you get not just the software that works, but the ultimate fit for your purpose.

So, why Digital Services?

Because we don’t write software. We provide technical solutions to your business challenges.