IP telephony
based on 3CX

PBX, internal chat, video conferencing, integration with the site and CRM.
Work in the cloud, or on a local server.
*connection cost from $43 + license for a year for free
High quality communication guarantee
Operational support 24/7
Call management and recording
Secure communication channel
Integration with all popular CRMs
Savings on calls abroad
Call distribution algorithms
Favorable rates

What is IP telephony?

The principle of operation is simple: your voice from the phone is converted into digital format, which is compressed and transmitted over the Internet. The other side takes your voice and reproduces so that the interlocutor would hear you.

IP telephony has many advantages over fixed telephony: it is easily scalable, allows you to integrate with CRM and manage calls, and you can also set up an answering machine, which will reduce the load on the manager's department.

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Features of our solution

Making, receiving and transferring calls
You can call a contact by selecting any connected device: smartphone, desktop phone, or web client. During a call, you can transfer, or pair the call with any other contact.
Chat, audio and video conferencing with colleagues
3CX algorithms allow you to create conferences with more than 100 participants without loss of quality and freezes. It is also possible to securely correspond and send files in the built-in chat.
Mobile Apps for IOS and Android
You can always control and make calls thanks to the application on your mobile phone.
3CX Live Chat & Talk
You can integrate the chat into the site so that your operators can quickly close the questions of visitors. Chat can be integrated using a WordPress plugin, or a javascript module.
Call recording
Control the quality of service with call recording. Also, this function will allow you to record important points, and if necessary, you can join the call to solve difficult situations.

Integration with CRM

3CX easily integrates with all popular CRMs, and can also be integrated into the site, or into another system thanks to API. This allows you to significantly increase the productivity of employees, reduce the number of their actions to a minimum. What does integration give?
  • Synchronizing contacts
  • Displaying customer information on an incoming call
  • Quickly add customer information to CRM
  • Quickly create a contact for an unknown number
  • One-to-one calls to customers using 3CX Click to Call technology


Functions Standard PRO Enterprise
Extension + + +
IOS and Android Apps + + +
Windows and web client + + +
Call log + + +
Call Forward Busy + + +
Call forwarding on no answer + + +
Music on hold + + +
Scheduled backup + + +
Web conferencing up to 25 participants up to 100 participants/td> up to 250 participants
Voice mail + + +
Chat for website + + +
Click2Call Browser Extension + + +
CRM integration + +
Listening to a call in real time + +
Conversation transcription and search + +
Real-time statistics and monitoring + +
Call recording restrictions (start / stop) +
Call routing based on skills +
*IP telephony connection from $43. The exact cost is calculated individually.

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