TUPE transfer of IT staff of international Electrotechnical company

Digital Services was able to TUPE transfer (outstaff) 10+ employees in 6 countries for elechtrotechnical company within only 3 month.

Regional IT Field on-site support of international retail chain

Digital Services supports B&F and provides IMAC support for big international retail chain in 20+ shops and malls with challenging SLA of 2 hours

Support of remote locations of Sakhalin and Kazakhstan for international natural resource company

Digital Services provided full time and dispatch support in roughest and remote locations, from -70 (C°) to +50 (C°)

Radio surveillance assistance for Warehouse- Management company

Digital Services audited 20+ locations in 5 countries to enable seamless coverage of Wi-Fi on the warehouses of warehouse-management company

Decomission of equipment for international client

Digital Services safely decomissed and recycled surplus equipment for big international client in 3 countries.

Rollout of Windows 10 for automotive company

Digital Services enabled phased rollout of 1000+ client devices with Windows 10 within 6 weeks for Automotive company in 4 countries.